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Valuation & Advisory

When you require timely and accurate appraisals and valuation reports on Cambodian property, you need a dependable and responsive service. CBRE’s qualified valuers are certified by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and have extensive experience in providing valuation services for all types of real estate throughout Asia. Valuation services are provided by calling upon specialist knowledge from our Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore offices.

1.A Valuation of Commercial Properties – Office and Retail Centres
CBRE has extensive experience in the office and retail/shopping sector. This gives us the most current, up-to-date and accurate market knowledge for the valuation of all types of commercial property. With direct access to sales and rental data from our agency teams, we have the most up-to-date database enabling our valuers to provide you with an opinion on the open market value of all types of commercial real estate.

2. Property Portfolio Valuations
Our valuation team is highly organized and experienced in carrying out property portfolio valuations of multiple properties.

3. Residential Property Valuations
CBRE is frequently assigned to undertake valuations of apartment buildings, condominium developments and housing projects.

4. Hotel and Resort Valuations
Accurate valuation in the resort and hospitality sector requires specialist knowledge. CBRE has carried out hotel valuations in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap for a number of years. Our excellent knowledge of the most up-to-date hotel and resort transaction data enables us to deliver timely and accurate property valuations.

5. Industrial Property Valuations
Industrial factories and warehouse buildings have numerous variations and specifications, affecting their value, both for existing use and for disposal.
Our work provides us with a detailed knowledge of industrial property types, specifications and market demand, enabling CBRE to provide you with accurate and detailed valuations of all types of industrial property as well as serviced industrial land plots.

6. Land Appraisals
We routinely value undeveloped or raw land, including large sites for commercial development and small vacant land plots. Our approach varies and, in locations where there is good potential for a commercial real estate development project, we may value by direct comparison or use a residual valuation approach.

7. Specialist Property
Real estate development is not limited to commercial, residential and industrial properties and our experienced valuers also conduct valuations of golf courses, hospitals, airports, entertainment complexes, agricultural land and infrastructure, etc.